The Constance Project pieces together the puzzle of one woman’s life—and in the process, reveals at least a little of the mysterious complexity that swirls around us all, every day.

It will unfold in many directions, with new content arriving almost daily. One chapter of the main story will be published every week, along with notes that offer extra background or updated connections. As a subscriber, you’ll also receive the Constance Project newsletter, with previews of upcoming chapters plus insights into Constance-related current events.

Join the journey . . .

The Constance Project is an experiment in narrative nonfiction. There’s been a long tradition of serialized fiction—from Tristram Shandy and Jane Eyre to A Tale of Two Cities, and right up to the present day. But works of history and biography are usually published in one big lump.

That’s the outcome I was anticipating when I started to write about Constance Dowling. Then I began to realize that finding things out little by little was more of a fascination than seeing them all at once.

A year later, I’m still finding things out—and still fascinated! So I wanted to recreate for readers my own experience, in which there’s always a surprise around the next corner.

That’s why I chose a subscription model. And I’m hoping you’ll enjoy being drawn step by step into the Constance story, always looking forward to the next revelation.